Heat Signature and Gunpoint drawings

Tom Francis inspired drawings
This drawing I did is inspired by Tom Francis’s video game ‘Gunpoint’ which my Dad played for a while. This game has great graphics in it so that is why I had a go at a more realistic style. This shows an image of the main character, Conway, a freelance spy. It was a nice using a highlighter for a change.


This next sketch is based on the game ‘Heat signature’, Tom Francis’s newest game, which I actually played a couple of years ago. This style caught my attention because of the bright neon futuristic hues used. The style works well with a simple palette such as I have used here: Neon blue and black. It is also interesting that the different factions have separate colour themes: Offworld security having white and blue opposed to Foundry having black and orange. It looks appealing to incorporate the space age tech vibe into a piece similar to this in my opinion.