Heat Signature and Gunpoint drawings

Tom Francis inspired drawings
This drawing I did is inspired by Tom Francis’s video game ‘Gunpoint’ which my Dad played for a while. This game has great graphics in it so that is why I had a go at a more realistic style. This shows an image of the main character, Conway, a freelance spy. It was a nice using a highlighter for a change.


This next sketch is based on the game ‘Heat signature’, Tom Francis’s newest game, which I actually played a couple of years ago. This style caught my attention because of the bright neon futuristic hues used. The style works well with a simple palette such as I have used here: Neon blue and black. It is also interesting that the different factions have separate colour themes: Offworld security having white and blue opposed to Foundry having black and orange. It looks appealing to incorporate the space age tech vibe into a piece similar to this in my opinion.

Architectural model house

Architectural Model
New large cardboard project. It has 12 rooms, 3 hallways and one staircase that is completely clad in timber. The entire lower floor is sunken into the ground with just one storey showing. All the materials are paper prints that have been attached to the cardboard base.
The top storey is a traditional shed that houses a kitchen and a living room in the same area. The lower floor, which is more than 4 times as large as the top section, it is completely modern as it is surrounded by a surreal lily pad pond.
There is a ramp that leads from street level down to the basement. The roof of the lower floor is an open space that is filled with sky lights and flower beds which sit on a concrete base.